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Message From The Headmaster


Dear Fayston Kids Parents,


Thank you for being a part of our Fayston community. We are so thankful to begin this special journey with you.


By providing a genuine Christian education, Fayston Preparatory Kids has a clear vision to educate young people who will grow up to change the world. This means that we believe Christian education is not only teaching biblical content through worship and bible time, but interlacing a biblical worldview throughout our entire curriculum. Our teachers seek to lead by example, following Christ’s model to provide love, gentleness and care for each child. We believe that through our example, students will see genuine Christianity and dedicate their lives to Jesus.


Kindergarten is the most critical grade in a child’s life as it creates the foundation for a strong education and sets the course for learning throughout the rest of their life. Our educational philosophy centers on developing the whole child spiritually, socially, emotionally, mentally and physically. One of our primary means of instruction is through cooperative learning. Cooperative learning enhances the student’s learning in a collaborate environment that teaches them to be life-long learners.


Fayston Kids is a learning community that believes in creating a strong partnership between the school and parents to maximize each student’s learning and growth. Through open communication, and parent involvement, such as volunteering, we hope to forge a solid school-family partnership.


Every child has unique gifts and talents as well as their own pace of growth and development. We commit ourselves to supporting our students to grow, try new things, and become the best version of themselves. As they try new things, they will fall and make mistakes. This is a part of the education process and shows development in both their growth and learning.


We are confident that Fayston Kids’ learners will be nurtured and grow in a caring community where they will feel loved, cared for and a sense of belonging.


With joy and passion, we look forward to your child growing and thriving under our care.




Founder/ Headmaster

Daniel K. Paxitzis

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