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The Fayston Kids campus is a brand new facility, having opened in January, 2020.  The campus boasts several amenities including an indoor play area, a cafeteria and training center, reception, administrative offices, large classrooms, and a covered rooftop play area.  There are learning spaces, play spaces, reading spaces, and even relaxing spaces for mom's to have coffee together.
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The rooftop play area is fully enclosed by posts and netting.  It is completely covered with outdoor, artificial grass.  Goals are at both ends for playing soccor and lines are marked at different places across the grass for playing games.  If students are playing on the rooftop during school hours, they will always be accompanied by an FPK faculty member.  FPK is not responsible for children that play there outside of school hours and children that are not FPK students.

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All classrooms are designed to be exciting for the students, yet simply visually stimulating.  This allows for the students brains to focus on the lessons and learning.  Each room has a toy tent for play inside and out with tons of different toys to choose from.  There is also a small tent stage and carpet area where the teachers can have story time, children can do little presentations like "Show & Tell", and special guests can do little performances.  Classrooms also have a 360" projector for use on every wall, a white wall board for interactive lessons, and a projector wall for videos and lessons in a group setting and a little reading nook with bean bags and book shelf.

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Every day, lunch is served in FPK's very own cafeteria.  The tables are especially designed for children and adults to be able to sit at as the chairs automatically adjust to the height needed.  The chairs also can turn 360" so that the tables and space can be used as a special class and training area.


Located on the 2nd floor, the Reception area is the epicenter of the operations of the school.  Here you will find the Operations Manager, Finance Manager, Chaplain, and Principal.  With it's warm and comfortable feel, even created to serve our little ones, it has the feeling of the heart of the school.

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