Fayston Kids incorporates the Common Core curriculum to ensure proper learning outcomes are met in each class for every student.  FPK is an English only program where all lessons and communication is in English.  Don't worry about your child not knowing any English.  FPK uses specific content and ELL Structures in lessons and throughout communication to make all ELL students comfortable as well as learn English quickly in an immersive environment.

Students are taught the English alphabet and sight words to begin learning to read.  They will start to identify and connect these sight words with objects around them.


Writing is a basic form of communication that all students are taught through coloring, drawing, and writing practice.


Math is begun as early as possible with simple, easily solvable problems.  We want to encourage confidence in counting.


Science may seem too advanced for such young ages.  But, when looked at through children's eyes with fun science-based activities, students learn all about the inner-workings of the world around them.


Expression through art is a wonderful way to convey emotions, feelings, and one's own internal language.  Our art program teaches student's different art applications and how to express themselves using each one.

Physical Education

Allong with multiple recess breaks during the day, PE is a class that is taught twice per week.  Different sports and exercises are introduced to get the kids moving and interested in staying fit.


Children love to sing, dance, and make music.  It is scientifically proven that music strengthens and builds the brain.  The FPK music program allows the students to learn about notes, rhythm, and instruments.  

Field Trips

Field trips are a great way to get outside the classroom and allow students to actually see what they have been learning.  Educational field trips are scheduled at least once per semester.


At different times of the year, FPK wants to give opportunities to the families of students to join in and have some fun together.  Art walks, games, activities, and food are just a few of the events you can expect at a festival.



Reading, Writing, Math, Science, Art, Music



Team Building, Relationships, Community



Developing the whole child for life-long learning



Curriculum, lessons, and activities are all in English


Korean Age   Western Age

         5                       4

14-16 Children Maximum

1 Teacher + 1 Assistant

Kindergarten 1

Korean Age   Western Age

         6                       5

16 Children Maximum

1 Teacher + 1 Assistant

Kindergarten 2

Korean Age   Western Age

         7                       6

16 Children Maximum

1 Teacher + 1 Assistant


Every teacher in the entire Fayston Family (Kindy through High School) has gone through Cooperative Learning training.  The FPK teachers have also gone through specialized Cooperative Learning For Kindy Kids training that helps them use this training with young learners.  All teachers receive monthly Coaching by the Fayston Director of Teaching & Learning, Chris Lowe.  By doing this, teachers are supported in implementing what they have learned in their training, funneling their knowledge into their lessons, and passing it along to the students.  
Teaching has evolved so much in the last decade due to research, brain science, and discoveries about retaining information.  For students to get the most learning out of their lessons, FPK has chosen to use the Cooperative Learning methodology when teaching students in every classroom, for every subject, in every lesson.  Children are not meant to sit for long stretches at a time and they can learn more from each other than the teacher.  We use this to our advantage when teaching by using specific "Structures" to keep students moving as well as practicing with each other what they are learning.  This allows the student to actually retain what is being taught in the lesson.  
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